Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Indigenous Writing from New England

Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Indigenous Writing from New England

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Editor: Siobhan Senier

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (2014)


Chief Stephen Augustine, Grand Council of the Mi'kmaq Nation, Elsie Charles Basque, Rita Joe, Daniel N. Paul 
Marie Battiste, James Sakej Youngblood Henderson, Lorne Simon,  Lindsay Marshall, Jaime Battiste, Alice Azure, Starlit Simon, Juana Perley, Gabe Acquin, Chief James Paul, Henry "Red Eagle" Perley,  Shirley Bear, Andrea Bear Nicholas, 
Chief Brenda Commander, Mihku Paul, Sopiel Soctomah, Chief Francis Joseph Neptune, Deacon Sockabasin, Joseph Stanislaus, Sopiel Selmore,  Tomah Joseph, Lewis Mitchell, Sylvia Gabriel, Peter Mitchell, Mary Ellen Stevens,  Donald Soctomah, Vera Francis, Dawna Meader, Susie Mitchell Sutton, Wendy Newell Dyer, Russell Bassett,  Kani Malsom,  Rolfe Richter, Christine Downing, Maggie Neptune Dana, Marie Francis, Natalie Dana, Jenny Soctomah, Ellen Nicholas, Cassandra Dana, Penobscot Governors and Indians in Council, Joseph Nicolar, Molly Spotted Elk, Fred Ranco, ssipsis, Donna Loring, Carol Dana, Rhonda Frey, John Bear Mitchell, Sherri Mitchell, Nick Bear, Samuel Numphow, Joseph Laurent, Henry Lorne Masta, Robert James Tahamont,  Claudia Mason Chicklas, Joseph Bruchac III, Carol Willette Bachofner, Cheryl Savageau, Donna Laurent Caruso, Margaret M. Bruchac, Suzanne S. Rancourt, James Bruchac, Wowaus, Ebenezer Hemenway, Zara Ciscoe Brough, Corrine Bostic, Richard Spotted Rabbit Massey, Edwin W. Morse Sr., Kitt Little Turtle, Nancy Bright Sky Harris, Hawk Henries, Cheryl Watching Crow Stedtler, Cheryll Toney Holley, Bruce Curliss, Larry Spotted Crow Mann, Sarah "She Paints Horses" Stedtler, Alfred DeGrasse, Mabel Avant, Helen Manning, Frank James, Helen Attaquin, Russell Peters, Anne Foxx, Linda Coombs, Paula Peters, Robert Peters,Mwalim/Morgan James Peters, Ella Wilcox Sekatau, Paulla Dove Jennings, Dawn Dove, John Christian Hopkins,  Nuweetooun School, Thawn Harris, Eleanor Dove Harris, Samson Occom, Joseph Johnson, Fidelia Fielding, Mary Virginia Morgan, Gladys Tantaquidgeon, Jayne Fawcett, Faith Damon Davison, Stephanie M. Fielding, Sharon I. Maynard, William Donehey, Joe Smith, Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Alysson Troffer, Eric Maynard, Madeline Fielding Sayet, Howard N. Harris, Irving A. Harris, Trudie Lamb Richmond, Paulette Crone-Morange, Ruth Garby Torres, Aileen Harris McDonough, and Garry Meeches Jr

Dawnland Voices calls attention to the little-known but extraordinarily rich literary traditions of New England’s Native Americans. This pathbreaking anthology includes both classic and contemporary literary works from ten New England indigenous nations: the Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, Mohegan, Narragansett, Nipmuc, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Schaghticoke, and Wampanoag.

Through literary collaboration and recovery, Siobhan Senier and Native tribal historians and scholars have crafted a unique volume covering a variety of genres and historical periods. From the earliest petroglyphs and petitions to contemporary stories and hip-hop poetry, this volume highlights the diversity and strength of New England Native literary traditions. Dawnland Voices introduces readers to the compelling and unique literary heritage in New England, banishing the misconception that “real” Indians and their traditions vanished from that region centuries ago.

Dawnland Voices is a collection of writing that is as bright as the morning sun. It’s an amazingly comprehensive collection of the literary work of dozens of indigenous authors from an often overlooked part of Native America, the long-embattled Northeast. . . . The reading public needs to be awakened to the continued existence and the cultural heritage of our peoples, as well as the literary excellence of our many authors. No book that I know of does a better job of that than this brilliantly edited anthology.”

–Joseph Bruchac