Dept. of Posthumous Letters

Dept. of Posthumous Letters

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Authors: Dot Devota and Caitie Moore

Artist: Brandon Shimoda

Publisher: Argos Books (2018)

Dot Devota and Caitie Moore conduct an epistolary exchange that subverts the logic of the dialogic. "In a letter you cannot listen. You must always be speaking," writes Devota, as her letters to Moore narrate anecdotes that read like overheard myths—webs of observation, reversal and misunderstanding that signal the presence of an attentive listener. Line drawings by Brandon Shimoda intensify the enchantment that unfolds out of Moore and Devota's voices. "Have you ever played this game: Horse/Muffin/Bird?" Moore asks Devota. Intelligently-framed questions ranging from philosophical to purely affectionate interlace these poems like veins of honey. "It's a proportion thing, an order thing. I am, certainly, no part Muffin."