The cover of a book titled Equinox by Edward Smallfield. The title Equinox is in large orange letters in the middle of the page. The cover is a black and white photograph of a female presenting individual standing with an umbrella  in the rain facing a car that is parked across the street. On the side that the individual is standing on they are surrounded by trees and they have their back to us. On the side with the car there is a individual looking across the street at the main figure on this cover.


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Author: Edward Smallfield

Publisher: Apogee Press (2011)

"These carefully crafted poems look, feel and sound like the human heart and its rhythms. Each line, each breath, a syncopated beat that enters through the lips and into the body and yet I have this overwhelming urge to read these poems out loud. The poet writes, 'we are alive inside a sentence' as are these poems inside my being. Beautifully conceived and painstakingly sculpted like much of its subject matter, Equinox is itself an inspired work of art."

–Truong Tran