Evidence of Red

Evidence of Red

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Author: LeAnne Howe

Publisher: Salt Publishing (2005)

Evidence of Red contains dramatic events of the creation of a people, interwoven with a haunting narrative of their lost homelands. Howe takes her readers through the chaos of lost lives, the cannibalism of fallen lovers, and invites readers into her world of Choctaw Code Talking. These poems are rebellious and like the Choctaws, they will endure.

"LeAnne Howe’s Evidence of Red is a complex and exhilarating symphony, with passages of mythic sweep, swatches of history, and poignant memoir—held together with her inimitable take-no-prisoners comic sense."

–Ken McCullough

"How does she do it? Cross Rocky Horror Picture Show with War and Peace in a voice that sings America’s song as deeply as the best musical poetry of Walt Whitman? But no, Howe’s voice is so utterly unique, comparisons can’t do her justice. Evidence of Red succeeds on every level: emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sensual, political. This volume is a gift from a rich place—wise, generous, exciting, and completely fresh."

–Susan Power