A Million Quiet Revolutions (Hardcover)

A Million Quiet Revolutions (Hardcover)

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Author: Robin Gow

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2022)

For ages 14–18

For as long as they can remember, Aaron and Oliver have only ever had each other. In a small town with few queer teenagers, let alone young trans men, they’ve shared milestones like coming out as trans, buying the right binders—and falling for each other.

But just as their relationship has started to blossom, Aaron moves away. Feeling adrift, separated from the one person who understands them, they seek solace in digging deep into the annals of America’s past. When they discover the story of two Revolutionary War soldiers who they believe to have been trans men in love, they’re inspired to pay tribute to these soldiers by adopting their names—Aaron and Oliver. As they learn, they delve further into unwritten queer stories, and they discover the transformative power of reclaiming one’s place in history.

Further reading on trans history is included in the back matter.

“A sweet and highly earnest transgender love story.”


“Truthful, romantic, and compulsively readable, A Million Quiet Revolutions is filled with a million quiet revelations about living as your true self—whoever, wherever, and whenever you happen to be. I loved it.”

–Dashka Slater

“Gow effortlessly reminds us that we queer people join a long lineage of historical queer people who might have dreamed of us as much as we dream of them.”

–Eliot Schrefer

“Told in achingly beautiful verse, Gow tells the story of two trans teens, both boys, as they struggle with identity and family and most of all, first love.”

–Donna Freitas

“Robin Gow's A Million Quiet Revolutions is a stunning, lyrical love story about discovering our identity (and what that means for us) and the importance of seeing ourselves reflected in history. A gorgeous debut.”

–Nicole Melleby

“An aching love letter to trans relationships that is equal parts nostalgic, raw, and hopeful.”

–H.E. Edgmon