A Mouth Holds Many Things

A Mouth Holds Many Things

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Editors: Dao Strom & Jyothi Natarajan

Publisher: Fonograf Editions (2024)

A Mouth Holds Many Things collects hybrid-literary works from 36 women and nonbinary BIPOC writer-artists. Spanning experimental poetry and prose, image-text, collage, performance text, AI-generated writing, and more, this ground-breaking full-color print volume illuminates and expands the interstitial spaces where text blends, blurs, and morphs with visual and other media.

At the restless heart of this collection is a challenge to some fundamental questions: What is reading? What is writing? Lifting language beyond the domain of the letter, the works collected here present language in other forms: visual, embodied, sonic, asemic, tactile. Language, after all, is multi-textu(r)al, interwoven, punctured, fragmented, grafted, possessing power to construct and deconstruct, fed into by many rivers of experience: marginalizations and migrations, diasporas and displacements, invisibilities and hyper-visibilities.

A project of the Portland-based literary-social art project, De-Canon, which creates unique spaces and experiments to center works by writers of color, this collection is edited by Dao Strom and Jyothi Natarajan.

Contributors include: Kimberly Alidio, Samiya Bashir, Victoria Chang, Gabrielle Civil, Vi Khi Nao, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Paisley Rekdal, Sasha Stiles, Vauhini Vara; and more.