At the Full and Change of the Moon

At the Full and Change of the Moon

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Author: Dionne Brand

Publisher: Grove Press (1999)

Written with lyrical fire in a chorus of vividly rendered voices, Dionne Brand's second novel is an epic of the African diaspora across the globe. It begins in 1824 on Trinidad, where Marie-Ursule, queen of a secret slave society called the Sans Peur Regiment, plots a mass suicide. The end of the Sans Peur is also the beginning of a new world, for Marie-Ursule cannot kill her young daughter, Bola––who escapes to live free and bear a dynasty of descendants who spill out across the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Haunted by a legacy of passion and oppression, the children of Bola pass through two world wars and into the confusion, estrangement, and violence of the late twentieth century.

"[Brand has] a lush and exuberant style that may put some readers in mind of Toni Morrison or Edwidge Danticat."

The New York Times Book Review

"A delicately structured, beautifully written novel infused with rare emotional clarity."

The Independent (London)

"Rich, elegiac, almost biblical in its rhythms . . . One of the essential works of our times."

The Globe & Mail (Toronto)