AUX ARC TRYPT ICH: Poppycock and Assphodel; Winter; A Night of Dark Trees

AUX ARC TRYPT ICH: Poppycock and Assphodel; Winter; A Night of Dark Trees

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Author: Cody-Rose Clevidence 

Publisher: Nigthtboat Books (2021)

Set among blue Ozark creeks, hoods of trucks, and changing constellations, Cody-Rose Clevidence’s poems call up embodied sensations as they arise, with love and anguish, in a specific place. Navigating between senses and the sensed world, in lyric, lushness and density, Clevidence constructs an intricate and playful poetics both experimental and emotive to investigate the interplay between the vivid sensations of the body and the viscerally surrounding world.

"Clevidence’s new triptych is nothing short of a magnum opus."

–Adie Bovee

"The poems of Aux/Arc Trypt Ich, one of two volumes Clevidence published in 2021, are shot through with a sense of nature’s vitality and with the possibility that the numinous, even the divine, may inhere in that nature — and especially in nature’s generative processes."

–Mark Scroggins

"The luminous fourth book from Clevidence takes a demonstrated interest in gaps and redaction."

–Publishers Weekly

"Aux Arc Trypt Ich is a sensory experience. It is filled with color and taste, the smell of the damp, dark earth, but also of the stars and the bitter of berries ripened in the shade."

–Jordan Zachary

"Clevidence invites us in deeper to the complications of which we ourselves are a part, to participate in the tangle, knowing there is no other way, save by the lovely irritation of the world itself, to gain the great pearl."

–Dan Beachy-Quick

"There is such a magnificence and heft to Clevidence’s epic, book-length lyric, one that staggers, overlays, staccatos, flips and twists across an assemblage-suite of poems long and short that fit together perfectly."

–rob mclennan