Best New Poets 2020: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers

Best New Poets 2020: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers

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Editors: Brian Teare and Jeb Livingood

Publisher: University of Virginia Press (2020)

Contributors: Thea Almontaser, Aldo Amparán, Jasmine An, Desiree C. Bailey, Kathleen Balma, Daniel Barnum, Caroline Parkman Barr, Kaveh Bassiri, Mark Kyungsoo Bias, Mary Block, Rachel Busnardo, Rob Colgate, Andrew Collard, Leyla Çolpan, Michela Coplen, Colby Corten, Imani Davis, Steven Espada Dawson, Jai Dulani, Sara Elkamel, Liza Flum, Benjamin Garcia, Benjamin Goldberg, torrin a. greathouse, Jackson Holbert, Andrew David King, Zach Linge, Cameron Quan louie, Erin Marie Lynch, Thomas McGuire, Carling McManus, Kelly McQuain, Isabel Ries Neal, Jae Nichelle, Catherine Pond, Paige Qiñones, Cintia Santana, Johann Sarna, Simon Shieh, Sophia Stid, Dujie Tahat, Courtney Faye Taylor, Michael Torres, Tasia Trevino, Jésus I. Valles, Troy Varvel, Michael M. Weinstein, Jim Whiteside, Jsameka Williams, and Jessica Yuan

Entering its fifteenth year, Best New Poets has established itself as a crucial venue for rising poets and a valuable resource for poetry lovers. The only publication of its kind, this annual anthology is made up exclusively of work by writers who have not yet published a full-length book. The poems included in this eclectic sampling represent the best from the many that have been nominated by the country's top literary magazines and writing programs, as well as some two thousand additional poems submitted through an open online competition. The work of the fifty writers represented here provides the best perspective available on the continuing vitality of poetry as it is being practiced today.

"[A] reminder that contemporary poetry is not only alive and well but continuing to grow."

–Publishers Weekly

 "This collection stands out among the crowd claiming to represent emergent poets. Much of the editing and preliminary reading was done by emerging poets themselves, which results in an anthology that's fresh and eclectic, and may actually represent a significant portion of the best new poetry being written by the next generation."

–Virginia Quarterly Review