Brick #107 (Summer 2021)

Brick #107 (Summer 2021)

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Editors: Dionne Brand, David Chariandy, Laurie D. Graham, Michael Helm, Liz Johnston, Rebecca Silver Slayter, and Madeleine Thien

Brick is an international literary journal published twice a year out of Toronto. With a focus on literary non-fiction—and a willingness to stray when our hearts are taken—the magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates life, art, and the written word with the most invigorating and challenging essays, interviews, translations, memoirs, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands on.

In this issue:

  • Eden Robinson writes into the void
  • Forrest Gander decodes the first microchip literature
  • Jaspreet Singh’s growing pains
  • Amitava Kumar sends a postcard from Mildura
  • Lisa Bird-Wilson gathers fallen feathers
  • Adania Shibli tracks a story’s delivery status
  • Rudrapriya Rathore on desire, double binds, and malleability
  • Camilla Gibb’s collages in the absence of words
  • Vinh Nguyen migrates through magical thinking
  • Jan Zwicky’s lost vocation
  • Helen Garner takes her foot off the brake
  • Joanne Leow extracts the petrofictions of Singapore
  • Iman Mersal locates invisible mothers (trans. Robin Moger)
  • Wolfgang Georgsdorf’s theatre of the nose
  • Nehal El-Hadi charts pandemic rhythms
  • Stanisław Łubieński on the nature of rubbish (trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
  • Hebe Uhart monkeys around (trans. Robert Croll)
  • Eleanor Wachtel interviews Chris Ware
  • Poetry by Faith Arkorful, Erica Violet Lee,
    Nathaniel Mackey, Shane Rhodes, and Jan Zwicky
  • Fiction by Þórarinn Eldjárn (trans. Philip Roughton), Letizia Muratori (trans. Brian Robert Moore), Jessica Shabin, and Jack Wang
  • Plus artwork by Chris Ware, Eduardo Leal, Nam Phi Dang, and SETH