Brick #105 (Summer 2020)

Brick #105 (Summer 2020)

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Editors: Dionne Brand, David Chariandy, Laurie D. Graham, Michael Helm, Liz Johnston, Martha Sharpe, Rebecca Silver Slayter, Madeleine Thien

Brick is an international literary journal published twice a year out of Toronto. With a focus on literary non-fiction—and a willingness to stray when our hearts are taken—the magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates life, art, and the written word with the most invigorating and challenging essays, interviews, translations, memoirs, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands on.

In this issue:

Jenny Erpenbeck returns to her East Berlin childhood

Michael Ondaatje and Edwidge Danticat celebrate Toni Morrison

Anne Carson’s letter from prison

Lina Meruane assumes a new identity in Palestine

Jan Zwicky on Jane Jacobs and the problem with humankind

kid teo reckons with Cambodia’s War Remnant Museum

Eleanor Wachtel interviews Masha Gessen

John McIntyre remembers Bo Huston and the writing of the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Madeleine Thien and Yoko Tawada talk translation

Howard Norman on his final visit with artist Jake Berthot

Rob Winger accidentally makes it new

Juan Gabriel Vásquez considers a life spent in story

Erin Wunker on the utility of boredom

A photo essay and conversation with Teju Cole and Joe Penney

Poetry by Brandi Bird, Louise Erdrich,Yam Gong, and Dean Rader