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Author: Bryan Edenfield

Publisher: Really Serious Literature (2021)

"Cake is alive and crackling with absurdity and unpredictability, operating at a speed and on a scale we don't often find. Like a contemporary Dadaist experiment revealing the doomed 21st century to itself, Cake is a daring and irreverent expression of discontent, with subterranean seriousness and wisdom."

–Lindsay Lerman

"Cake has better mixed medium literary work than a group of MFA grads, better speculative/futurist anti-capitalist theory than a group of Thomas Piketty's, and more believable elegies for what may be wrought from a dead technological age than even the most heartbroken of modern cynics."

–Robert Lashley

"Cake! Who doesn't like cake? The best cakes are multilayered, and this cake is no different. It's a rich mélange of rich nutty humor, creamy fugues of vertiginous erudition, generous thrusts of tangy provocation, rich swirly comedies of toasted coconut and pure Dada extract. It's got songs and dreams and sinister experiments. It's got a seasoned wit and an unseasonable "wormwood sun." How many things go wonderfully wrong in this book? As many things that go wonderfully right, and taste like a lush creamy sentence on the tongue, a wavy oscillation of chaos and strawberries. You know what I like best about this collection? It's chock full of the madness of imagination, the light of the bakery never dims, and every slice is served on a universe of words."

–John Olson