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Author: Rae Armantrout

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press (2020)

Rae Armantrout has always taken pleasure in uncertainties and conundrums, the tricky nuances of language and feeling. In Conjure that pleasure is matched by dread; fascination meets fear as the poet considers the emergence of new life (twin granddaughters) into an increasingly toxic world: the Amazon smolders, children are caged or die crossing rivers and oceans, and weddings make convenient targets for drone strikes. These poems explore the restless border between self and non-self and ask us to look with new eyes at what we're doing.

"Conjure offers a magic of its own, with sometimes sly and always unforgettable juxtapositions of the minute and the exceptional, elevated by the intellect, flair, and confidence of a poet at the top of her game."

–Mandana Chaffa

"Unsettling, slippery intimations move just below the surface of Rae Armantrout's enigmatic and unforgettable new collection of poems. For the record, Rae Armantrout is my favourite living poet."

–Nick Cave