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Author: Ae Hee Lee

Publisher: Bull City Press (2021)

Connotary crosses through the porous borders of nation-states, cultures, selves, and languages. As an account of migration and meetings, the poems repeatedly move with and between the three countries Ae Hee Lee calls home. By transforming words into personal connotations instead of offering literal translations, these poems insist on intimacy as they explore how meaning can move along with one's story.

“There is an exquisiteness to the jewellike poems inside Connotary. This is a poet that polishes every line with stunning prosody, imagery, and a keen attention to aesthetics. Each poem shimmers as the poet investigates the endless relationship to family and language. Korean, Spanish, and English are braided throughout the chapbook as the speaker in these poems negotiates the idea of home in what we lose, gain, carry, pass down, and offer up inside the various translations. Each poem is a gleaming facet. Each poem is a miracle of its own making. Each poem is a gesture at defining the abstractions and comparisons between words and worlds. I was left in awe at the dazzling mastery.”

–Tiana Clark