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Author: Meghan Lamb

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil (2022)

"Meghan Lamb has given the world something tantalizingly lurid and explicit and gay. Zombiesque & homoerotic: this chatroom friendly, graphic and pornographic book will teach recreational or parttime lesbians how to give blowjobs in the most pithy, dastardly, post-suicidal ways. Beware. Be ready."

–Vi Khi Nao

"One of my favorite contemporary writers, Meghan Lamb’s Coward is an astonishing, jagged work. Channeling the oozing repetition of Swans, Lamb takes apart the bildungsroman in a form so visceral and jewel-like, you lose your breath. This work of transgressive genius, riddled with sex and fire and zombie love, is thrilling to behold."

–Alistair McCartney

"All of Meghan Lamb’s work disturbs and awes in equal measure and the apocalyptic Coward is her strongest, strangest, and most dangerous vision yet. We are fortunate witnesses of her rise to greatness."

–Robert Kloss