Dear Jenny, We Are All Find

Dear Jenny, We Are All Find

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Author: Jenny Zhang

Publisher: Octopus Books (2012)

"Jenny Zhang's poems broadcast themselves with a surrealist anxiety. 'Can't I be my own dream?' she asks. The answer is always yes and always no. With dizzying energy and intelligence, Zhang forages through familial, global, and even anatomical configurations vainly outlining an identity that manifests only to shift and move restlessly on. This book brings to mind a 21st century Whitman, only female, Chinese, and profoundly scatological."

–Elizabeth Robinson

"Jenny Zhang’s first poetry collection, Dear Jenny, We Are all Find, is highly exploratory, raw, and vulnerable. It is filled with the pain of an individual embracing and living in a sense of lost-ness, a feeling of forlorn disorientation provided by an ancestry that is laden with ghosts and skeletons, a collapsing relationship, and fragmented and splintering writing."

—Tim Etzkorn