Genre: Urban Arts: No. 10

Genre: Urban Arts: No. 10

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Editors: Nakeysha Roberts Washington, Shaunteri Skinner, Samihah Pargas, Marcus Williams, Lyn Patterson, Erica Lecosta, and Lara Spanic 

Publisher: Genre: Urban Arts (2021)

Contributors: Dupreé Armon, Yeva Johnson, Kate Pashby, DJ Tyrer, Anna Hinton, Brandon Yoo, Nakeysha Roberts Washington, Justin Lindberg, Erika Girard, Ivis Whitright, George Stein, D. S. Maolalai, Artemisio Romero y Carver, Anthony G. Amsterdam, Christine Sloan, Miriam Otto, Melody Croft,  Kevin Boatright, Adeto Kimbo, Armani Ortiz, Mikhayla Robinson, Alana Saab, RC deWinter, Ryle Sykes, Joseph Nijmeh, henry 7. reneau, jr., Victoria  Zammit, John Robinson, Lyn Patterson, and Stefania Morgante

This edition of our anthology holds art and writing depicting and in response to the 2020 BLM protests that were the result of police brutality, racism, and other tensions that came to a rising point with the murders Black people caught on tape. It is an unfortunate truth the Black people have been fighting to have heard for so long, and an even more unfortunate truth that many people did not listen to until we all watched an actual murder on TV.

In addition to protest art, other works in this book cover the broad scope of human experiences.