Hell, I Love Everybody: The Essential James Tate

Hell, I Love Everybody: The Essential James Tate

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Author: James Tate

Publisher: Ecco (2023)

Celebrating James Tate’s work as it transcends convention, time, and everything that tells us, “No, you can’t do that,” Hell, I Love Everybody gives us the poet at his best, his most intimate, hopeful, inventive, and brilliant. John Ashbery called Tate the “poet of possibilities,” and this collection records forays into possibilities for American poetry’s future. With a foreword by Terrance Hayes, it is sure to give readers new and old a lasting collection of favorites.

"The poems of James Tate will keep speaking to people for a very long time into the future, because they never stop caring and never stop having fun. They are, to my ear, lovely verbal reminders that everything should be regarded as mysterious and dear."

George Saunders