Hello There

Hello There

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Author: DeWitt Clinton

Publisher: Word Poetry (2021)

The poems in Hello There explore myriad ways of feeling loss, or losing someone precious, perhaps elderly friends, or fellow soldiers, or feeling losses through Chinese myth or an Irish rune. Something valuable, desired, is now lost in memory, and sometimes even that memory is lost.

"This fine volume of fifty poems is divided into three titled sections: Our House, Instructions on the Way Out the Door and Hello There. Each section is loosely themed and the poems flow in a logical and well-ordered way. And all three sections blend into a most appealing, readable, and attention-grabbing whole. It is the work of a sage, a person full of empathy, a very close observer, and a poetic craftsman. This is a collection worth visiting again and again, and it deserves a place on your shelves."

–Jim Bourey

(from The Broadkill Review)