Looking for Dragon Smoke: Essays on Poetry

Looking for Dragon Smoke: Essays on Poetry

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Author: Robert Bly

Publisher: White Pine Press (2019)

This collection contains some of Bly’s seminal essays on poets and poetry including: "Looking for Dragon Smoke," "The Eight Stages of Translation," "Six Disciplines that Intensify Poetry," and essays on Hirshfield, Stevens, Whitman, Wright, Rilke, Machado, Stafford and others.

"Robert Bly has become, over his several lifetimes of ink and words, a force of geological genius, transforming the landscape of poetry and culture in ways that set him beside the Old Masters and anonymous teachers whose praises his lines so often sing. This book carries its own lantern of bioluminescence, an alchemical music and knowledge, and Bly's ferocious thirst, needed now more than ever."

–Jane Hirshfield