My Lai

My Lai

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Author: Carmen Berenguer

Translator: Liz Henry

Publisher: Cardboard House Press (2017)

"A dizzying, quickening, rhythmic and hallucinatory text. As with all Carmen Berenguer’s writing, My Lai is a design for remembering, radical and inventive. A story of orphans, of ruffians, of authors and empresses, a hybridity of prose and poetry, of quotes and autofictional memoir; it is the tale of a picaresque, centered in the 70s. My Lai is a book of trips, of people in flight, of songs, of clashing languages. A labor of voice and journeying, of asthma and air, My Lai traverses the Americas and arrives at the North to embody the art of translation, the everyday tongue twister that every person who lives abroad from their country discovers on the road."

-Francine Masiello