My Name is Immigrant

My Name is Immigrant

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Author: Wang Ping

Publisher: Hanging Loose Press (2020)

"[Ping's] broad intelligence, delightful political wit and poetic vision expands understanding of the American nation.”

Gary Snyder

“Her truth telling emerges from a deep well, describing the movement of people and the stories, the hope, and the desire they carry with them across deserts and oceans, over walls and through every barrier. The age-old question remains, with sharp clarity in these pages-who among us decides who is allowed in, accepted, celebrated?"

M.L. Smoker

"'Immigrant Can’t Write Poetry' renders a moving argument about language and expression, and about the freedom poetry sometimes claims, the freedom to speak in ways that are obedient to the urgencies and irregularities of life… it’s moving, and on the surface, simple, and it reminds me that what all poems are truly in search of sits outside the words.”

Tracy K. Smith