Of Necessity and Wanting

Of Necessity and Wanting

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Author: Sascha A. Akhtar

Publisher: The 87 Press (2020)

Of Necessity & Wanting is a collection of lyrical, atmospheric stories of varying lengths set in urban Pakistan. At its forefront are the concerns of people who are lower down on the metaphorical ‘chain’ of status and power, especially in the context of their symbiotic relationship with those they see as ‘other,’ ‘ privileged’ or 'fair.' Akhtar’s breathtaking prose, which combines social realism with complex and intricate plots, desires, and psychogeographiesrepresents a groundbreaking exploration of women’s rights, such as independence and emancipation, in South Asia.

"Sharply observed & tightly spun. Sascha has the eye of a poet & the ear of a wanderer. She writes precisely & lyrically. It’s a thing of beauty." 

–Mohammad Hanif

"There is a familiarity in Akhtar’s characters that reminds us that, whomever or wherever we are, we share the same truths. Deliciously written, always entertaining and filled with striking imagery, Akhtar’s stories do the most magical thing––they show us who we are."

–Nik Perring