Persistence of Perception

Persistence of Perception

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Author: Nathan J. Reid

Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2020)

"Nathan J. Reid writes poems that absorb, tantalize; are beautiful the way rainbow light refracts off wet skin. Do not open this book expecting a safe journey. Reid is adept at using memory as a directional finder, looping over and over; a radar seeking more substantial meaning than what we see on the surface. To Nathan, we are the firefly, existing in the moment of endless change and when this journey is over—having lived our 'bakie-wakie muncheon' moment—we know the halves of our better selves…This poetry beat-boxes on the edge of your psyche. Coloring everyday objects into echoes, Reid’s lip-synching sound waves are an explosive catechism. Fear not, dear reader, to enter his attic—'this hollow haunt of love'—you will be better for the experience."

–James P. Roberts 

"Nathan Reid takes hackneyed metaphors and rusty instruments like Cupid’s bow and reminds his readers why these images originally held such weight by making the smallest changes—changes that remind us of the dull ache that humans share, an ache that is often the only possible point of entry for profound feelings. With a relentless sense of exploration and growth, Reid’s work beautifully navigates the space between hope and sadness, fantasy and realism, childlike whimsy and the harshness of adulthood. We follow him into spare rooms, hospital rooms, and intimate moments between lovers where, with a quick turn of phrase, he shifts the landscape from himself to us. These are poems that deftly alternate between rawness and transcendence, conciseness and expansiveness, grief and joy."

–Emily Bowles

"Nathan Reid’s poems in Persistence of Perception are about love, night and day dreams, attics, shadow libraries, jukeboxes, actors, and 'memories on fire.' These poems are skillfully wrought and tenderly offered. Reid is a word artist who gives us 'a complete collection of mended holes' for our souls, like 'rose petals sizzling off the bone.' Read him."

–Bruce Dethlefsen