Prelude to Transgression

Prelude to Transgression

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Author and Photographer: M Kitchell

Publisher: Inside the Castle (2020)

A compendium of the last of Kitchell's various out-of-print projects including the novella Island all gathered in a coherent aggregation that enhances the sense that Kitchell's work all exists within one rigorous field of study.

The texts collected Prelude to Transgression were written out of an exploratory desire to cross beyond the realm of “narrative of void-hunt” and into something new. They attempt to both dramatize the impossible and touch upon the sovereignty found in poetic effusion simultaneously; often by alternating between genres. They deliver a realm of work that directly preceded Kitchell’s desire, as a writer, to fully transcend the page and move towards a corporeal impossibility.

That is to say, this volume delivers the interstice in which Kitchell decided he no longer just wanted to write about levitating, but rather wanted to spend time trying to levitate.