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Author: Anne Waldman

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil (2019)

"Sanctuary, Anne Waldman’s exquisite new collection of images and new writing, as well as writing lifted from her own earlier Iovis trilogy, a collaboration with collage artist Tod Thilleman using photos by poet Lisa Jarnot as well as her own, is a call to action against isolationism, demagoguery, diminishing of the 'other' or 'foreigner' as 'not-us,' in reaction to the conditions into which the Trump Administration has forced refugees seeking a better life in America. It is a call to understanding and openness, a making from time and space something unconquerable, undefinable, but fiercely present and knowable. It is a being, or being-in and -of without a solid shape, without a beginning or end. It’s a window into a continuum of ways and consciousness(es) that are larger and older than any one of us. It is poetry, to be sure, but it is also so much more than poetry."

–Matt Hohner