Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja

Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja

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Author: Camila Marambio

Artist: Cecilia Vicuña

Publisher: Errant Bodies Press (2019)

In this brilliant intergenerational dialogue curator Camila Marambio and Cecilia Vicuña, one of the most intriguing Indoamerican artists of our times, converse about mestizaje/miscenegation, ecological disaster, eroticism, and decolonization in their multilingual, subversive, and irreverent humorous slang. The result is a unique book that presents a conversation that is both poetic and critical. The particular dialogue presented in the book crosses over from Spanish to English, from poetry to academic argumentation, and from art to science. It proposes a necessary method for decolonial liberation, which reveals the transformative power of art in search of “an ecology of the soul, the resplendence of our connectivity to each other and the cosmos.”