Smile & Nod

Smile & Nod

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Author: Rami Karim

Publisher: Wendy's Subway (2018)

Smile & Nod is a record of short experiments in love and counter-surveillance.

Edition of 500

"Rami Karim’s Smile & Nod, a long poem made of short poems, is a shapely, funny, knowing meditation on what it means to always be getting ready to appear, to be amused and desperate in ongoing ordinary (surveilled) space, to be at ease, alert, in love, and therefore forced to examine the endless multitudes of filters and surfaces all us anyones develop and perform.”

–Anselm Berrigan

"Karim has made their own map in this work, a matrix of words that read as timeless epic and startling, individuated bursts that leave the reader wide-eyed, displaced, and wanting more. The language of intimacy and war are handled with simultaneous care and a sometimes unsettling distance. In Smile & Nod, Karim shows us what happens to those left to create new life in the aftermath of everyday political violence.”

–Marwa Helal