Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

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Author: Marshall Bood

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse (2021)

Spring Cleaning is an urban trek through the liminal spaces of schizophrenia and drug addiction, excavating childhood memories and the struggles of poverty and bad jobs. Marshall Bood’s first poetry collection, this chapbook’s forms range from free verse to haiku, senryu, and tanka.

"Spring Cleaning is littered with vivid, often profound, glimpses into life in the urban margins. This is poetry of the emotional, psychological, and social fringes, observed with a finely measured empathy and a deeply moving honesty."

–Paul Chambers

"In Spring Cleaning, Marshall Bood provocatively invites us to ask ourselves: what is a fragment—of text and of life? What is a scrap of a poem, a scrap of our world? In doing so, he artfully counters the dominant, destructive forces of our times, which devalue patient crafting, careful attention, tender preservation, and the reimagining of worth, the vital practices Bood fosters and that his poems are certain to inspire."

–Daniel Scott Tysdal

"Marshall Bood’s poems in Spring Cleaning read like polaroid snapshots, focusing on a moment and stripping an entire world bare in just a few delicate words. I found myself re-reading stanzas over and over again like returning to a photo album, seeing something new every time."

–Daniel Zomparelli

"Marshall Bood has maybe outdone himself with Spring Cleaning! This cavalcade of poems are like no one else’s. Bood navigates—on each page—through the human condition and takes the reader to unchartered places. His poems are simply captivating and meditative. I highly recommend Spring Cleaning."

–Stanford M. Forrester