That Way Zine: Issue 1: Spring 2021

That Way Zine: Issue 1: Spring 2021

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Editor: Vaughan Larsen

Publisher: Fifth Wheel Press (2021)

The first issue of That Way Zine! 52 full color pages! 36 artists! 3 beautifully designed interviews! This collection of work is from artists that have done a takeover on the @thatwa.y Instagram page in 2019 during its first year of existence. 

Launched in November of 2018, @thatwa.y is an ongoing curated Instagram account of weekly takeovers by Queer/LGBTQ+ artists. Each week the individual sharing work from their portfolio is given the login info, posting directly to the account for seven days. As of January 16th 2021, the Instagram account has been a platform for 100 artists internationally. My goal is to create a community that nurtures and promotes itself; a venue able to build queer visibility and grow relationships on the Internet. Because of the reality that heterosexual/cisgender people are viewed as the default for most aspects of society, as well as dominating the art world, it is imperative to have spaces dedicated to exclusively Queer/LGBTQ+ creatives. 

10% of the profits from your purchase went to Milwaukee’s SHEBA (Sisters Helping Each Other Battle Adversity), a group of powerful Black women. The group meets biweekly to support and empower transgender women as a space solely for them. Sharing meals, joy, and struggles, they offer leadership development, outside facilitation’s, HIV prevention, healing alternatives, and overall community.