The Close Chaplet

The Close Chaplet

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Author: Laura Riding 

Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse (2020)

Long out of print, The Close Chaplet is Laura Riding's first book, originally published in 1926. Riding deliberately ceased writing poems after 1940, when she came to see poetry as irrevocably flawed as a means of expression. These poems demonstrate Riding's early desire to depart from "the close and well-tilled ground" of traditional lyric poetry. According to her biographer, Elizabeth Friedman, "many of the poems for The Close Chaplet were brought in typescript from New York, a few were added in Egypt, and the entire text was carefully edited by Robert [Graves]."

In his introduction, Mark Jacobs writes that Riding was "identifying herself with the pre-moment, the 'what-was-there' before Creation. How did the world, the universe, come to exist, why does it exist, why does it die, why do we?" From these questions, Riding begins to develop a theory about the role of women as the origin of all human beings, the only animals with written language. This edition also includes Riding's essay "A Prophecy or a Plea," a statement of her poetics initially published in 1926.