The Other Talk (Hardcover)

The Other Talk (Hardcover)

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Author: Brandon Kiely

Publisher: Atheneum (2021)

For ages 12+

Talking about racism can be hard, but . . .

Most kids of color grow up doing it. They have “The Talk” with their families—the honest talk about survival in a racist world.

But white kids don’t. They’re barely spoken to about race at all—and that needs to change. Because not talking about racism doesn’t make it go away. Not talking about white privilege doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The Other Talk begins this much-needed conversation for white kids. In an instantly relatable and deeply honest account of his own life, Brendan Kiely offers young readers a way to understand one’s own white privilege and why allyship is so vital, so that we can all start doing our part—today. 

“An urgent call for white teens to listen, reflect, speak up, and join the fight for justice."

–Randy Ribay

"Can a nonfiction book about race be a heart-pounding page-turner? The Other Talk sure is."

–Adam Gidwitz

The Other Talk is the conversation that white people should have had with each other long ago. This book is LONG OVERDUE. For those who have been unable to confront the truth about what whiteness is and how it is lived, Brendan Kiely offers a supportive, accessible, and necessary late pass. This book is not just an opportunity to school yourself. It is a rare chance to truly free yourself.”

–Cornelius Minor

“Accessible and timely. It’s time for white people to talk to each other about racism . . ."

–Julie Murphy