The Rosy Medallions

The Rosy Medallions

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Author: Camille Roy

Publisher: Kelsey Street Press (1995)

The Rosy Medallions is the second collection of writing by lesbian author and performance artist Camille Roy. These startling, witty pieces combine a playwright's keen ear for vernacular speech with a poet's compression. Every line has its physical punch.

"If a book can be yummy & brilliant, of course this is that. Reading The Rosy Medallions I felt I had come upon a world with so many insides, moments forged, then strewn, by an alienated pleasure seeking 'I.' This author's perspective ranges back and forth over her life and memories like a hungry camera, doggily attracted to instances of beauty, cruelty and aeons of female privacy. Camille Roy's a pioneer in the new literature which used to be called autobiography, poetry, theater, prose or even the essay. See all their walls submissively crumble on her trek towards a gaudy piecemeal something resembling truth for the new dark ages and some light at the end of the tunnel."

Eileen Myles