Uncanny Resonance

Uncanny Resonance

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Author: Whit Griffin

Publisher: Lunar Chandelier (2020)

"It is my belief that there is an intelligent agent / an occult agency behind serendipitous discoveries. That an invisible creative essence, the Living Poem itself, chooses which texts to place before me, out of which I give shape / a tangible body to It. 

My work is a collaboration with archives / libraries / texts. I believe that my work is an outer manifestation of an inner unfolding. I am fascinated with the intersection of the spiritual and the poetic, each fueling and furthering the other. The transmission of gnosis—the knowledge / awareness that we are all divine, all connected in a web of consciousness—we carry forward the myth, we work with spirits to evolve and move the stories onward. We are engaged in a mystery that never stops unfolding.  

Because everything is happening at once, I want to write poems that reflect, or create within them realms outside of three dimensional linear time. Where everything is happening all at once, and it is all connected. Layers of meaning, constellations of meaningful connections.  

With my work, everyone will see their own patterns, make their own connections.  They will see in the work things I never saw or "planned."  The work uses me.  I am a medium.  The work sees the poem in dimensions that I am not aware of.  Everyone will find things that resonate with them.  I doubt anyone could identify all the puns / references that I knowingly put into the work.  No one will know what was "deliberate" and what was "dictated" / "directed."  

I will never be able to see all the moving parts.  In that way it is like reality.  There is no cause and effect, no past present future.  Everything is happening at once and is nonlocal, nonlinear, multidimensional.  It is spirals of continuously dancing energy / information, moving out in all directions simultaneously.  It is work that is being "overseen" by a higher dimensional entity.  Perhaps the entity, the Living Poem, is my daimon /  another aspect of my own soul / my Higher Self."

Whit Griffin