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Editor: Gilian Conoley

Publisher: Volt (2022)

Contributors: Will Alexander, Micah Bateman, Andrea Belag, Bruce Bond, Julie Carr, Maxine Chernoff, Jennifer K. Dick, Joanna Fuhrman, Brian Henry, Karen Kevorkian, Lesle Lewis, Aditi Machado, Gillian Parrish, Jeffrey Pethybridge, Gene Pfeiffer, Emily Pettit, Deniis Phillips, Brynne Rebele-Henry, Margaret Ronda, Martha Ronk, Aleš Šteger, Rosie Stockton, Susan Tichy, Daniel Tiffany, Asiya Wadud, Kathleen Winter, and Gail Wronsky

VOLT publishes a range of adventurous writing. The magazine’s size (9″ by 12″) offers a larger space than usual for an individual poem or piece of prose. Often, work utilizing white space and typography can be found in VOLT. Founded and edited by poet Gillian Conoley, VOLT appears every spring.