Welcome to Freedom Point

Welcome to Freedom Point

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Author: Marina Mularz

Publisher: New American Press (2019)

It's all happening in the small town of Freedom Point, Wisconsin! Karlee Starr explores the rhythms of young love and snot-soaked heartache on a middle school dance floor. Thirteen-year-old Jacob Kentor suffers an identity crisis at Hooters. Desperate yeti hunting conceals the death of a marriage. A motivational speech ends in arrest. Equal parts humor and heartbreak, Welcome to Freedom Point dissects the thrills and spoils of small-town adolescence in a series of linked stories that captures the essence of what it means to come of age…at any age. In the spaces between each uproarious episode, the good people of Freedom Point collectively celebrate—or simply survive—the deeply human art of aiming for one more uncomfortable leap at a time.

“Fresh, witty, delightfully weird, Welcome to Freedom Point is equally infused with quirky charm, youthful energy, and the palpable sense of age-old loneliness that can sneak up and gut you. A collection of deeply human contradictions.”

Gina Frangello