What Makes a Lake? Tracing Movement

What Makes a Lake? Tracing Movement

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Editors: Abbey Meaker, Estefania Puerta and Cristian Ordóñez

Publisher: Another Earth (2023)

What Makes a Lake? Tracing Movement brings together the work of more than 80 artists to create a portrait of Earth’ lakes, rivers, and oceans. This collection of images and text offers an intimate experience of places that we hope create a new connection to and commitment for caring for our most vulnerable ecosystems. In exploring an expanded scope of lakes around many different communities, we see how all these bodies of water are not isolated but rather flowing in and out of one another, reminding us how much our impact ripples out. What changes can be made with new awareness?

Contributors: Maalik Abdul-Rahim, Gaspar Abrilot, Gabriela Alvarez, Andy Becker, Tal Ben Avi, Casey Bennett, Ali Beşikçi, Koan Brink, Alix Breda, Kelly Burgess, Frances Cannon, Madeline Cass, Zen Cohen, Kristie Cornell, Ben Currotto, Giuseppe De Santis, Adam DeSorbo, J Taran Diamond, Ross Doree, Peter Dubinski, Laura Duval, Richelle Forsey, Andrew Frost, Matina Galati, Roman Gioglio, Grace Glynn, Renee Greenlee, Tülin Gündoğdu, Beihua Guo, Ke Huang, Julie F Hill, Justine Highsmith, Anne Immelé, Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist, Hua Jin, Caitlin Lorraine Johnson, Phoenix Kanada, Laura Kiernan, Cassandra Klos, Kalie Krause, C.E. La Dolce, Macaulay Lerman, Victoria Maidstone, Andrea Martínez, Benjamin Mayock, Pierre Mohamed-Petit, Zaynab Mortada, Kasia Murfet, Tommy Nease, Masato Ninomiya, Kelley O’Leary, Steve Olsen, Charles-Frederick Ouellet, Ahmed Ozsever, Robert Pallesen, Jasmine Parsia, Sarah Phenix, Duy Phuong, Ilaria Pisoni, Zach Pollakoff, Jared Ragland, Will Ritson, Matt Ross, Anna Rotty, Jordan Rowell, Will Sharp, Saar Shemesh, Kate Schneider, Fiona Segadaes Da Silva, Stefanie Schaut, Yonatan Schechner, Jackson Smith, William Mark Sommer, Todd Stewart, Brian St. Denis, Michael Sundue, Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri, Camila Valdés, Maxim Voloshin, Ryan Walker, Alyssa Warren, Feiyi Wen, Janice Wong, Andrew Zawacki, Mary Zompetti